As a journalist and reporter, I’ve spent the majority of my 25-year career in Chicago. In my years of working in Polish media, I’ve spearheaded numerous projects that have engaged audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. I have pushed local media to new standards of excellence, where there is no room for “Ponglish” or amateur mediocrity, and have mentored a number of journalists and managers along the way. I have developed editorial and journalistic projects, which have helped write the story of Polonia in the Windy City. My work as Editor-in-Chief saved the failing Dziennik Zwiazkowy – the oldest Polish-language publication outside of Poland.

Years of work in the Polish diaspora and business have given me a unique and intimate knowledge of this environment – and a determination to develop an independent project without the burdens of a corporation or an old-guard boys clubs (my experiences with which have been their own adventures, with an expose of the contemporary “Polish Mafia” forthcoming).

HUB Kultura is meant to connect, educate and develop a platform for the most discerning and demanding client. We are about quality, not quantity. I am honored to work with Dorota Jakubowska and Kasia Jarosz in bringing this project to life.

The HUB Kultura Team is thrilled to work with you.